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Around Town: Cedar City Livestock Festival

I attended the Cedar City Livestock Festival on Saturday, Oct. 29 and took a couple photos I love. Admission: I added the Nashville filter on Twitter to my pics and have kept the changes.

Photo by Sarah Torribio for the St. George View

I’m not always about photo alteration, expectly when it applies to a journalistic endeavor. However, I love the way the aforementioned filter makes things look so vintage and timeless.

Photo by Sarah Torribio for the St. George View

Certainly, an annual driving of livestock through a town’s main street is a timeless spectacle. Back at the fairgrounds, the celebration continued with attractions like a tractor pull, a roping contest and a classic car show.

For those with money burning a hole in their pocket, there was a popular lamburger booth, a booth selling ribbon fries–which are kind of like fancy, decked-out homemade potato chips–Mexican food, goodies on sticks, kettle corn and funnel cake.

There was plenty of shopping, with wares including sage and crystals, decor fashioned out of metal and wood, leather goods, tie-dyed apparel, and Native American wares including cool Indian Christmas ornaments.

It was a fun day and we’ll likely hit it again come next October.

–Sarah Torribio

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