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Category: Uncategorized

  • My St. George Garden: Getting Shady

    I’m working on my desert garden, suspending fabric—starting with split hammock fabric stretched between shepherds crooks–over my container garden. I’ve created said container garden using bricks and soil imported in bags from Home Depot. It now looks like a curtain in a Moroccan tent. It gives things a boho chic feel, but that’s really due…

  • Word on the Street

    ROCTACO makes a mean frozen horchata I’ve tried St. George’s new eclectic taco restaurant ROCTACO. I don’t feel like I can review the food yet, because I only tried one-and-a-half tacos from their capacious menu. I can say that the basis of their dishes is noticeably good homemade corn tortillas cradling fillings inspired by “the…