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Word on the Street

ROCTACO makes a mean frozen horchata

I’ve tried St. George’s new eclectic taco restaurant ROCTACO. I don’t feel like I can review the food yet, because I only tried one-and-a-half tacos from their capacious menu. I can say that the basis of their dishes is noticeably good homemade corn tortillas cradling fillings inspired by “the street foods of the world.”

I can tell you the restaurant, located at 471 E. St George Blvd in St. George, is part of a franchise that has done well in Salt Lake City and hence moved south. I can also tell you the decor is super-cool. Lots of corrugated metal and oversized posters hearkening to exotic locales like Calcutta and Vietnam and a huge blue octopus lunging at visitors queuing up to place their orders.

What I can also speak to is that ROCTACO has frozen horchata, kind of a South-of-the-Border style Frappuccino, and I consider it the bomb. Cold. Sweet but not too sweet. Dusted with cinnamon. This photo is borrowed from somewhere. I hope to replace it with my own. Mine looked less chocolatey than the drink in this pic.

The website lists the ingredients, for those who haven’t grown up on horchata. It’s rice milk, sweetened condensed milk, crushed ice and cinnamon. For those who like the taste of the classic Mexican drink, the icy version is heaven on a hot day.

That’s it. My first post for The Saint George View, a blog I’ve been considering for some time. I plan to return to ROCTACO and sample the world, taking pictures of the restaurant and its hipsterific decor. Then I’ll return to the subject of this destination for St. George foodies relishing the city’s exploding culinary scene.

*No writers were harmed or paid in the making of this blog entry.

Sarah Torribio

Questions for readers: Who’s been to ROCTACO? What is your favorite taco there? What place blows ROCTACO out of the water. Do you dig the frozen horchata or other beverage offerings? I’d love your opinion.

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