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My St. George Garden: Getting Shady

I’m working on my desert garden, suspending fabric—starting with split hammock fabric stretched between shepherds crooks–over my container garden. I’ve created said container garden using bricks and soil imported in bags from Home Depot.

It now looks like a curtain in a Moroccan tent. It gives things a boho chic feel, but that’s really due to lack of funds—leading to repurposing—and the desperate need for shade.

As for the lights, they are to add romance and beauty at night, creating a small Disneyesque tableau. I love to landscape and garden, always have.

Gardening in St. George, when the temperature is on a summer-long three-digit jag, is no mean feat. It’s literally 118 degrees some days, so hot you wonder if the world’s going to end and you should put your affairs in order.

I kid. By twilight it cools down and things get mysterious as drunken bats weave across the sky, waving away the last of the day’s light. And then the crickets chirp their best approximation of a lullaby.

Oops! I didn’t mean to get poetic there. This is meant to be one woman’s testimony to how she beats the heat while gardening in Southern Utah.

It’s an ongoing process. My most immediate plan is to keep creating shade in all kinds of ways. To bring more soul —I meant soil but between me and spell check there was a Freudian slip—into a yard composed mainly of concrete, dirt and gravel. And mulch, lots of mulch.

–Sarah Torribio

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6 responses to “My St. George Garden: Getting Shady”

  1. Reblogged this on Mom's Thoughts: Just sharing Some of Our Dear Mom's Favourite Thoughts and commented:
    “One cannot always tell what it is that keeps us shut in, confines us,
    seems to bury us, but still one feels certain barriers, certain gates,
    certain walls. is all this imagination, fantasy? ….”

    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for the follow (+ the ‘likes'(s)
    Happy blogging/writing and all the best with your blog
    “early bird sleepy-head” craig (in “Sleepy Hollow”)
    “It always seems impossible…
    until it gets done!”
    – Nelson Mandela
    You CAN…if you THINK you can

    “Put your fears behind you and your dreams in front of you…always.”

    Best wishes from the First City to see the light


    Don’t worry about the world ending today
    it’s already tomorrow in scenic and tranquil ‘little’ New Zealand


  2. “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. “


  3. You are very brave and resourceful. In South Texas this year, we had the same three-digit days and the same apocalyptic fears. I put the large patio umbrella over my pollinator garden and poured water on like a Swedish waterfall. My west-side tomato garden in a raised bed bloomed like crazy but didn’t fruit til temp dropped below 100. We joke that these are some tasty $500 tomatoes!! Thanks for stopping by formidable woman!

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  4. What an interesting post. Here in New Zealand. We have no concept of living life in heat of over 100°. We think it’s warm when we get to 28 or even occasionally 30 in the summer but of course we still need shade for our plants
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I’ll come back in to read what you are up to.


    1. And thank you. By the way, I would be surprised if my still-bountiful amount of green cherry tomatoes manage to ripen, unless I attempt something mad like taking them indoors. However, I took the same cloths I used as shade and have employed them as blankets for my tomatoes during a couple recent cold snaps. (My desert home has basically two seasons, interspersed with a couple weeks of pleasant spring and autumn weather.) The experiment worked and my sprawling tomato plants are still alive. I will likely blog about it. I hope someday to see New Zealand, which I love for it’s physical beauty, Mauri culture and for it’s Lord of the Rings connection as I am a J.R.R. Tolkien nerd.


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